"It Doesn't Even Get Up Anymore:" Princess Reveals Ray J's Having Difficulties Getting Her Pregnant Again

Ray J's on the hot seat!

Princess Love and Ray J want to shoot for another child but someone has no bullets in their chamber.

On an episode of BET's late-night talk show Raq Rants, the Norwoods reveal that they want to give baby Melody a sister or brother but the sex apparently isn't poppin' enough. When asked by Raquel Harper in this clip if they want another child soon, Princess wastes no time saying that she hopes so, "but you have to sex, too. It has to go hand in hand."



In all seriousness though, Princess says they've "done it like three times," and Ray J is adamant that he's "always ready," but his wife says, "You've been limp, lately. It doesn't even get up anymore."


Ray J adamantly denies these allegations of his apparent pappy peen. Whatever the issue is, we hope they could work through it because they make some beautiful babies!

They're not the only one going though a postpartum dry spell. Cyn Santana has a similar issue with Joe Budden when it comes to getting it on in the bedroom.