Samuel L. Jackson Put an Angry Fan on Blast Via Twitter and It Was Glorious

"Stop whining, it's over!"

Samuel L. Jackson found himself in a heated Twitter exchange with a fan over the weekend. The interaction took place after Jackson had supposedly denied the man a photograph. The fan, whose name is apparently Fitz, proceeded to call Jackson out on Twitter and what happened next was pure glory.

The whole thing started when Fitz called Jackson one of his "favorite actors," a "DI" followed by two eggplant emojis and "an arrogant PUNK" all in the same sentence. True to too-famous-for-you form, Jackson didn't respond until two days later (on April 17) and when he finally did, he claimed that Fitz "spazzed out." See the exchange here.

"You saw it your way, I see mine. Stop whining, it's over!" Jackson tweeted, adding that, like millions of others, he, too, is a fan of Samuel L. Jackson. Fitz later hopped on Facebook to spill his portion of the tea about the situation.

Fitz the fan apparently has his own radio show, The Fitz Show. He's a self-described "baby," according to his bio, which is seven paragraphs long. Since his 15 minutes, he's been posting memes that have arisen out of his Twitter exchange with Jackson. We included one here for good measure.

Another day, another A+ clapback from a legend. As always, beloveds, tweet with caution.