Birdman Awkwardly Walked Out of His 'Breakfast Club' Interview + Memes Flood the Internet

"I ain’t got no more talkin’. Let’s rock."

Birdman has a bone to pick with the hosts of The Breakfast Club. The rapper stopped by the Power 105 morning show this morning, but quickly left after reading host Charlamagne Tha God and his co-workers to filth. The context remains unclear, but from their curt exchange, here is what we know: Birdman seems pissed because Charlamagne Tha God and his co-hosts aren't respecting his name on The Breakfast Club, so he rolled up--on air--and called them out for it.

"Cause I don’t understand the angle," Charlamagne said, XXL reports, to which Birdman responded, "I said it already."

Charlamagne asked Birdman why he even agreed to appear on The Breakfast Club, and that's when Birdman opened the library. "I wanted to see you," Birdman said. "I wanted to talk you as a man to your face. I knew a few places you was at, I could’ve pulled up, but I thought that was gangsta. I wanted to come look you in your face like a man and tell you how I feel."

Birdman continued, "I just came to let y’all know, put some respect on my name. When y’all say my name, put some respect on it."

Shortly after, Birdman and his crew walked out, leaving The Breakfast Club hosts amused and stunned. The tête-à-tête has since gone viral on Twitter, generating dozens of memes poking fun at Birdman's on-air demeanor. Here are some of the funniest ones.