'Love & Hip Hop Miami''s Prince (AKA Papii Sham Poo) Is Trying to Break Into Music With the Help of a Little "Majic"

"I've just got to show people I'm serious and put my best foot forward."

This season on Love & Hip Hop Miami, Prince was trying to make the leap from club promoter to Papii Sham Poo, debuting new music and trying to make it in a tough industry. In a VH1 exclusive interview, we spoke with Prince about his upcoming projects, how it feels to try to be taken seriously, and his "eclectic" sound.

When it comes to making the jump from club promoting to performing, things aren't always easy. What has been the most difficult part for Prince? "Being taken seriously. I feel like I receive so much push back or skepticism." He explains that people attempt to make him feel badly "for wanting to do something different" or for "wanting more for [himself]."

Prince says, "I get that music isn’t for everyone, but I personally feel like I have a chance to make some form of an impact." He's also surprised that "my artist name is ruffling feathers, as if my name makes my music a joke." But it's far from a joke. He's not laughing at all. In fact, he is so serious about this career shift.

Prince calls himself "versatile" and "eclectic" just like his taste in music. With a sound he describes as "pop/funk/electronic vibes." Think "Bruno Mars meets Daft Punk," he says, "with a sprinkle of some Miami Saźon." Sounds spicy!

We asked him if he thought that any of his drama with Bobby Lytes this season had anything to do with his pursuit of a music career. Maybe there's some jealousy? Prince is trying to break into music now, and we were wondering if maybe Bobby felt like Prince was crossing over into his lane. Prince is sure that isn't the case. "Naaaaaaah, the drama this season has nothing to do with me trying to do music now." He laughed, "That would mean that Bobby is threatened, but we don't even make the same genre of music, so no. I don't see that." Hey, we had to ask!

So, what's next for his music? Prince has a finished EP and a mixtape, and he has plans to take the next six months or so to develop some more content, but for the most part his answer is simple: "Grind," Prince told VH1. "I'm starting later than most, and the music I'm trying to make isn't the norm. I've just got to show people I'm serious and put my best foot forward."

Prince's single, "Majic," is available on iTunes. Catch him on Love & Hip Hop Miami on Monday nights at 9/8c!