VH1 Vintage: Solange Has Always Encouraged Beyoncé To Throw Up Her Middle Finger

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The Carter-Knowles clan has always been in the spotlight, but yesterday's shocking reveal nearly broke the internet. In video obtained by TMZ, Solange is seen going off on her sister's husband, Jay Z, in the elevator of a Met Gala after party (while Beyoncé stands to the side). We all have occasional familial dysfunction, but the idea that a group generally considered to be perfect, invincible and ***flawless could experience something that intense upended our week and crushed any belief system we had in place. Why, Solange? What did Jay Z say?! Why so still, Bey?!?

We may never know what caused the elevator fight to end all elevator fights, but there will certainly be speculation. Despite having different musical styles and careers, Beyoncé and Solange have always been close, each appearing in the other's videos, live performances and Instagram dumps — until now. In a 2008 interview from our archives, Solange explains what the sisters have in common, and how they're different. With her history of speaking her mind, Solange admires Beyoncé's restraint in times of conflict, but does think her sister could stand to flip the bird every once in a while. Check out the vintage clip above.

Not sure what to make of the Solange/Hov elevator beef? VH1's Jarvis dives into the drama with his own theories (from his natural habitat).

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