"Aretha vs. Everybody" Proves Aretha Franklin Has Shaded Just About All of Her Music Peers

Nobody is safe from the kween!

Aretha Franklin is the queen of soul and shade.

How do we know? Well, we have receipts as recent as this week. In a random turn of events, Franklin put Dionne Warwick on blast for a statement she made at Whitney Houston's funeral...FIVE YEARS AGO! “’Ree's not here, but she is here. She loves Whitney as if she were born to her. She is her godmother,” said Warwick, after mistakenly announcing her when she wasn't even in the building. Fast forward to present day, the aged statement set Auntie 'Retha off for whatever reason, prompting her to fax The Associated Press a lengthy statement calling Warwick's words "libelous," among other things.

"She blatantly lied on me ... fully well knowing what she was doing," Aretha Franklin said in a phone interview with the AP. The "Respect" singer said she didn't appreciated the "damaging" statement and would address it at a later date. We just didn't think it'd be this much later. It makes you wonder...who hasn't been checked by Aretha?

To satisfy our curiosity, a London-based hairstylist named Stefin Bertin, who goes by the Twitter name Looter Vandross, created an "Aretha vs." Twitter thread chronicling all of Aretha's backstage beefs. Looter, dug up personal accounts of celebrities like Gladys Knight, Luther Vandross and Mavis Staples, being cut to the white meat by the razor sharp shade of Aretha Franklin. 'Tis Hi-larious!

Naturally, folks started knocking on Ryan Murphy's Twitter door requesting that the next season of Feud be based on Aretha vs. The World.

Reps for Dionne Warwick say the singer refuses to "justify" Aretha's statement with a response.

Check out one person Aretha hasn't shade - Chaka Khan - closing out the Divas show with a powerful medley of “Ain’t Nobody,” “Natural Woman” and “I’m Every Woman.”