Cher's Tweets about Donald Trump Remind Us Why We Love Her Twitter Account

We're here for it all.

If you're not already following Cher on Twitter, you're doing it wrong.

Twitter can sometimes feel too small of a space to properly voice an opinion, and if this applies to you, you could learn a thing or two from @cher. She doesn't let the character count get in the way of saying exactly what she's thinking, even if she has to abbreviate a ton and use emojis to say it.

Cher, 69, has been involved in a lot of political discussions lately following the continuously perplexing Rachel Dolezal news, the Charleston shooting, and Donald Trump running for president. Cher has offered many insightful tweets about each of these topics, but it's her Donald Trump reactions that have us turning on our notifications for her.

She first called Donald a "loudmouth a**hole" at the beginning of the month.

She followed that by comparing him to the Hindenburg, and pointing out that his picture is in the dictionary... next to you know what.

In between, she posted these gems.

And we're here for all of it. Never stop tweeting, Cher.