See the First "Photo" of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's Baby

It's been 10 months since Eva Mendes welcomed baby girl Esmeralda and her boyfriend Ryan Gosling was inducted into the DILF Hall of Fame. But when it comes to giving up the details on their family, the new mom still won't spill. On Wednesday, she visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show and shared an image that fused together the gorgeous parents' faces (to less-than-gorgeous results). Obviously a diversion tactic, Eva sarcastically asked the audience, "Isn't she adorable?!"

The actress and her baby daddy have been extremely tight-lipped since reports of her pregnancy first surfaced in July. "[She's] very exotic," Eva joked, leading Ellen to wonder if the new mom is "putting make-up on her already." Enough of the games, Eva. When will we see this damn baby??!

[Photo Credit: Warner Bros.]