#TBT to the Time Kim Kardashian Took Pictures of Herself When Khloe Was Going to Jail

"We could go to, like, iHop."

Don't get us wrong, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is A+ entertainment now; however, the show's golden age was 2007-2009. It was a simpler time then. Hell, the family still openly acknowledged Rob Kardashian's existence. (Well, they're starting to do that again, which is wonderful.) It was also a time where Khloe was a bit of a wild child and got a DUI. (No joke, that's serious stuff.) However, had it not happened, we would've never received this blessed scene from the show's third season. It's absolutely priceless.

In this dramatic 40ish seconds, Khloe is en route to jail for violating her probation, and mama Kris Jenner is a total wreck. She even suggests they eat at an exclusive five-star dining establishment called iHop to calm their nerves. "We could go to, like, iHop," Kris says, which is perhaps the most endearing comment any mother has ever made ever.

Everyone is coping with Khloe's sentence differently. In true fashion, Kim can't stop taking selfies. (In 2008, this means pointing a flash digital camera at her face and snapping away.) Then, Kris says the line that will later stand the test of time: "Kim, would you stop taking pictures of yourself? Your sister is going to jail."

If that doesn't describe the entire millennial generation (of which this writer is included), then we don't know what does. Let's be real, Kim in this situation is all of us.

Iconic. Trailblazing. Game-changing. 2008 KIM 4EVER, tbh.