Remy Ma and Papoose Might Surprise You With Their Fave Hype Williams Music Videos

"If Hype Williams did your video, you made it as a rapper."

A Hype Williams video is pretty unmistakable. The flashy background, fish-eye lens and celebration of excess was in nearly every video he did and helped define much of the '90s. Remy Ma and Papoose have been fortunate to work with and know Hype Williams personally.

For Papoose, the Hype Williams video he remembers most vividly is one he's actually in: The "Touch It (Remix)" video with Busta Rhymes, Lloyd Banks, DMX Rah Digga and Missy Elliott. Hype's creative vision inspired him so much, he actually went and got the permanent ink to replicate the temporary hand tattoo he rocks in the video.

For Remy, some of her favorite Hype creations included Busta's "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See," Mase and Diddy's "Feel So Good." Basically, if Hype Williams was behind your video, you know you've made it.

Check out Remy and Pap reliving some of their favorite Hype moments in the video above.