Bald and Boo'd Up: What's O'S**t Doing Since He Moved On From Black Ink?

But wait, did he ever actually leave in the first place?

O'S**t made the painful decision to take his exit when he announced his plans to leave the shop in this Black Ink Crew highlight, but his Instagram tells a different story. S**t has been falling off the wagon a lot lately and instead of falling back into the same cycle of drugs and booze, O'S**t decided it was time to move out of the busy Harlem life to a place a little more calm so he can get himself together. Not only did his goodbye bring Sky to tears, but it made Cease choke up a little too.

Well what has O'S**t really been up to? Welp, according to his gram, it seems like he shaved his head, has a new boo, and is working guessed it, Black Ink!

The "New Do, Who This?"

"You guys feeling my new bald look or nah?"

Still At Black Ink

"Just finished my last tattoo of the night. I am burning the midnight oil but it's worth it when your customers are happy with the work you did. Come to black ink to get tattooed."

And Who Is This?

UPDATE: Her Name Is Nikki And They're Still Going Strong

Fans were busy speculating when O'S**t posted this photo to his Instagram (and deleted it a day later). Who could his new mystery woman be? Doesn't matter to us, as long as he's happy!