Called Out! M. Rose "Got Schooled" By The-Dream For Performing a Cover Instead of an Original

"Is she really doing an Aaliyah cover right now?"

By: Andrea Wurzburger

Awkward! Last night on SIGNED, the artists performed for the moguls for the first time, and M. Rose got a talking to from The-Dream himself. As you might recall, The-Dream was super interested in her when she auditioned because she is a songwriter as well as an artist. In fact, he "based [her] artistry off of being able to write." So when M. Rose decided to perform an Aaliyah cover instead of an original, well, there's no easy way to say this: The sh-t hit the fan.

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"When you're a songwriter, you're supposed to write songs. She's supposed to be a f-cking songwriter, and she's doing a cover. She's cheating." Tell us how you really feel, Dream! And oh, he does. As if you couldn't cringe any more watching M. Rose be chastised by some of the top moguls in the music industry, The-Dream asks her how many songs she has written since starting her SIGNED journey. M. Rose's answer: Two.

This prompted some serious disapproval from the moguls. It was also just about when I started getting second-hand anxiety and yelling, "Lord, someone please help this girl!" at my television. It was awkward to say the least.

Will M. Rose step up her game to impress The-Dream? Tune in to SIGNED next Wednesday at 9/8C.