The Queens of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Share Their All Time Favorite Oscar-Worthy Performances

"So, that's my favorite movie that I would give them an Oscar for, from me Vanessa Vanjie Mateo to Miss Julia Roberts."

The ladies of RuPaul's Drag Race season ten are on deck and ready to show you what they're working with but in the meantime we asked them about one of the high gay holidays--The Oscars. We asked all fourteen of Mama Ru's new gals what were their very favorite Oscar-winning, Oscar-nominated, or Oscar-snubbed (!) performances by an actress, ever.

Their answers will tell you all too much about this newest gaggle of gag-worthy gals. We live, and we love.



Aquaria Cher

"My favorite Best Actress performance is Cher in Moonstruck. [She's] great and I remember watching that movie with my parents."

Asia O'Hara


Asia Lana Turner

"One of my favorite performances of all time that was actually not even nominated for an Oscar was Lana Turner in Imitation of Life (1959). It was such an iconic role not just for her but for actresses in general and such a controversial type of film and I thought her performance was spectacular. It's important because for a long time we were making movies that were depicting a 'perfect life' and the original Imitation of Life was one of the first blockbusters that really showed the darker side of life that many people in this country go through."

Blair St. Clair


Blair Barbra

"I would say anything Barbra Streisand. Funny Girl is really true to some of my aesthetic--it's like a 1960s classic girl. She considers herself ugly and that's why she's not offered a lot of opportunity in the world. I can relate, in a way, in sort of needing drag to expand myself. I think Barbra exudes elegance and a quality of regalness and she's very theatrical and beautiful. But she has a different beauty about her that I think is really cool because a lot of people told her in the beginning of her career that she needed to get a nosejob and that she needed to change a lot about her physical appearance to have a good career."

Dusty Ray Bottoms


Kate Winslet Dusty

Let me tell you, it's Kate Winslet in Titanic. If I could be in any movie, ever, it would be Titanic and it wouldn't even be Kate Winslet's part. I would love to be 'Floating Boady No# 75' in the water. There's just something so epic about that movie but honestly, anything Kate Winslet does I will buy and watch that shit. My favorite movie that she's ever been in is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. They all should have won Oscars, even Kirsten Dunst for her little cameo! It was so great."

Eureka O'Hara


Eureka Meryl

"Honestly for me, it was Meryl Streep in August: Osage County is probably one of my recent favorites. Meryl Streep took a role that she's never done. She showed her versatility more than ever in that role. I mean, we're all used to seeing Meryl Streep play these roles where it's like, The Devil Wears Prada where it's very grandeur or we've seen her do something fun in Into The Woods or in the classic films, but she's always been these pretty characters, or uptight characters, Republican-esque, snooty but we've never a representation of drug abuse and the rawness of it and just the emotions that she had to pull for that performance [were remarkable]. It was just really exciting to see Meryl Streep do something that you don't expect her to do. I rewound and cracked up every time I watched the moment [when Julia Roberts tells Meryl's character to 'Eat the fish, b---h']. I probably watched that part 10, 15, 20 times. I don't even know, it was amazing."

Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams


Kalorie Meryl

"I'd probably say Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. She was such a b---h, not even a b---h but such a powerhouse--she was a woman in charge."

Kameron Michaels


Kameron Meryl

"I mean, I live for Meryl Streep. Devil Wears Prada is just so iconic for me. She's so sweet in person and the fact that she can play such an evil, villain-y, just unbothered kind of regal-type of role, just speaks to her as an actress."

Mayhem Miller


Mayhem Oprah

My favorite Oscar-nominated performance is Oprah Winfrey for The Color Purple. Oh my god, it's amazing. I watch The Color Purple all the time, still to this day. I'm like, 'You told Harpo to beat me.' I love it. Oprah's my everything. I love her so much. I swear, I think she's like my mom in a different world and I was her baby and she gave me up so she could go fulfill her dreams and then my family found me and they were blessed."

Miz Cracker


Miz Cracker Nicole Kidman

"My favorite Oscar-winning performance is Nicole Kidman who won for playing Virginia Woolf in The a nose as they say, because it proves that you can have a big nose and still be a leading lady."

Monique Heart


Monique Jessica Lange

"Actress? I mean the only one who really gives me the 'ooh-ah-ah' sensation is The Supreme from The Coven [American Horror Story: Coven] Jessica Lange. She was in Losing Isaiah. There you go."

Monét X Change


Monet Halle

Halle Berry's f---king acceptance speech, girl. [Faux sobs] If she had a glass of water in her hand it would have just been empty by the time that she was done. That was one of my favorites! Halle Berry turned it out in Monster's Ball with that hot guy? Billy Bob Thorton. Yes, bitch, I love a daddy, girl. If you are an older white gentleman I'm all the way into it. Also, Viola Davis' speech when she won for Fences, of course, she had me at How To Get Away with Murder. Love her.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo


Vanessa Julia

[Tongue pop] I don't even know if this person won an Oscar for this movie but Pretty Woman is my favorite movie because there's nothing like a good old hooker that needs a good fairy tale ending. So, that's my favorite movie that I would give them an Oscar for, from me Vanessa Vanjie Mateo to Miss Julia Roberts. I like her, she's cute.

The Vixen


Vixen Beyonce

"Oh, this is so cliché but instantly I'm thinking of Beyoncé in the role of Etta James for Cadillac Records. I think there was ever a time when Beyoncé has deserved a nomination, it was then. It's the grittiest and most unlike her that I've ever seen her [play]. I was actually shocked by her and I'll fight for Beyoncé to the death but that performance was, like, I will actually say that this is good acting and I think that she deserved more than she got for it."

Yuhua Hamasaki



"Ah, I don't have cable. I don't watch the Oscars. It's going to make me look like such a terrible gay person."

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