Jake Gyllenhaal Has a Secret Boy Band Past and It's Amazing

"I was just a lyricist," Jake G. tells Ellen DeGeneres about his musical days in high school.

Everyone starts somewhere. Jake Gyllenhaal got ripped for his upcoming film Southpaw but recently revisited his prepubescent days as a wannabe be pop star. Jake told Ellen DeGeneres about his "really, really" bad high school boy band Holeshot during an appearance on her show last week. It shouldn't be a surprise that he has a musical past — he's been on Broadway and will appear in Little Shop of Horrors this summer — but this news is just, wow.

When Ellen pulled up the amazing album art, Jake's reaction was perfect.

He then proceeded to tell her about his very important role in the band.

Let's take a closer look at Holeshot's album cover, and stare at Jake's gelled hair flip forever.

Remember: He's single, ladies. But first dates usually involve his mom.

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