Erica Dixon Calls Tammy Out For Being a Bad Friend, Tammy Claps Back

"Your beef with a ho, ain't my beef with the ho."

Erica Dixon may have left Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in the past but that doesn't mean she's not beefing with her former co-stars.

Over the weekend, Erica took to Instagram to upload a video, seemingly calling out Tammy Rivera for being a bad friend to her because Tammy's trying to be loyal to her BFF Bambi.

In the video, Erica says, "Okay, this what I don't understand. It's 2016, now, first of all, my friends are my friends, my people, my people. Your beef with a ho, ain't my beef with the ho. Like, let's be clear. I'm grown as hell, and I form my own opinion. And I kick it with who I want to kick it with. I'm friends with you, for a reason, and I'm friends with them for a reason. I don't get this, lately, like, 'Oh, my best friend don't like her, so I don't like her.' B---h, grow up. Form your own opinion. Have your own frame of thinking. Hello?! Like, do you and your best friend, y'all share a brain? Like, I can't, for the life of me, I don't get it. Like, I'm just, I don't get it. Like, let it go. Like, your beef, is not their beef. Let's be clear."

Now, it didn't take long for Tammy, who may or may not be pregnant, to all but confirm that she was the person Erica was calling out.

She said, "Let me just say this, like, the way my loyalty is set up, like, if my friend have beef with you or y'all are unbenefit, y'all don't deal with each other, y'all don't like each other. It's not that I got beef with you, or I don't like you, I just can't mess with you like that. No, we can't hang out, no, we can't take pictures, no, we can't act like, we can't speak. Even if I think you're beautiful, you can still be beautiful, 'Oh my god, girl, I think you're beautiful,' but, you know, my friend don't like you so can't hang out. Sorry! You know? No shade, no tea, just real. And I hope, I'm the same way with my friends. If my friends are dealing with someone that I don't like, we have a problem. Like that is not your friend, I'm your friend. Know your friends. They are not your friend."

Wow. What do you think of this beef? Is Erica right to think Tammy's dissing her for Bambi? Or is Tammy right to think her loyalties lie with the Bam?