Who Pooted? Joc and Karlie Are Trying to Have an Emotional Heart to Heart, but Joc's Gas Won't Let Him Be Great

"Don't fart when I'm crying!"

One thing is for sure: whatever is in the ranch food on this week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is not agreeing with Joc's tummy.

After the huge showdown where pretty much everyone started throwing bows, Karlie trails off to walk around the ranch and clear her head. Joc catches up with her and offers to be a shoulder to cry on concerning her sick dad. He assures her that even though they had beef in the past, he'll always be there to support her through whatever she's going through.

What's supposed to be a mushy moment soon has us in tears...because Joc's stomach has been torn TF up the entire time. "I can't stop farting!" Even though he's trying to listen earnestly to Karlie's venting, Joc can't help but unleash some tear gas while Karlie was shedding real tears. "Don't fart when I'm crying!" Sorry Karlie...too late. Hold those nostrils!

Watch the hilarious clip above and don't miss the next episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta next Monday at 8/7c only on VH1.