From Spongebob to Hourglass: The 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Cast Members Reveal Which Areas They've Nipped and Tucked

"OMG is that how FLAT my booty was?!"

In Cali, everything is EXTRA which is why the Love & Hip Hollywood cast members are nipped and tucked TF up and there is no shame in their game.

The pout, the ass, the triple G breasts are not uncommon and as Fizz points out in this Dirty Little Secrets highlight, every female cast member has gotten some work done. Want to know who did what? Welp, let's break it down.

Miss Nikki Baby had her nose and breasts done, and also has made her waist a little smaller, giving her that Betty Boop bod. When she was younger she had some booty enhancements but as she got older she had some of that fat removed.

Hazel-E has had two nose jobs, got her girls lifted, is a botox barb, and now that she's dating a man who is ten years her junior, she had to get her kooter kat reupholstered.

Princess Love, Masika Kalysha, and Lyrica Anderson have all resigned from the itty bitty titty committee for boob jobs as well.

We know that Teirra Mari had a liposuction procedure and there were even times when her bumper leaked while they were filming. In her defense, she says it was leaking fat and not some weird ish so that's fine, we guess. But, for the first time ever, fans (and Titi) see exactly how much fat was taken out of her and it isn't exactly pretty to watch. Teirra can't believe she used to have Spongebob body. No more saggin' jeans for her. She is snatched now and happy with her results. And as Ray J and Safaree point out, this isn't new in LA.

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