Kylie Jenner Pulled a Classic Kristin Cavallari at the 'Cosmopolitan' 50th Anniversary Party

Allow us to explain.

The Kardashian sisters—sans Kendall Jenner, unfortunately—looked stunning at Cosmopolitan magazine's 50th anniversary bash in Los Angeles Monday night. All of the ladies donned figure-hugging black ensembles, except for one. Clearly, Kylie Jenner didn't receive the monochromatic memo, because she showed up to the soirée in a (seemingly cozy) off-white sweater dress and platinum blonde hair—which looked gorgeous, by the way. Take a look at the photo below. Kylie definitely stands out like a black white sheep (albeit a flaw-free one).

Kylie's failure to color coordinate reminds us of a certain iconic MTV reality star who made the same mistake in 2004. Of course, we're talking about casual shoe goddess and eternal HBIC Kristin Cavallari. Need we remind you of the legendary scene from Laguna Beach's first season when Kristin was the only person who wore white to then-frenemy Lauren Conrad's black-and-white cocktail party? We're sure it's engrained in your memory (along with the lyrics to "All Star" by Smash Mouth), but here is the clip for good measure:

Notice how Kristin—clad in a skin-tight strapless white dress and sky-high black pumps—ignores Lauren and struts into the room like an empress. She is a literal angel among a sea of boring scrubs dressed in black. When the plebeians ask Kristin to dance, she simply says, "Nah." Instead of talking to basics in the living room, she sits on a bed (her throne) and starts another shindig: The Boycotting Hotel Room Party. The power of the white dress, ladies and gents. Please watch this historical cultural moment in full above. Your 15-year-old self needs it.

Kylie, thanks for wearing white last night and reminding us of this brilliance.

Kristin's impact.