Pushin’ 40, The Men Of B2K And Pretty Ricky Can’t Believe How Much Work It Takes To Put On A Reunion Tour

“Back then when we was out, there was no Shade Room, there was no internet!"

What’s more unbelievable, that B2K actually agreed to go back out on tour, or that they’re admitting that their bodies might be too old for these tour antics?

Last season when Lil Fizz pitched the idea of a B2K reunion tour, his bandmates said it was impossible. CUT TO Summer 2019, when the band was headlining the Millennium Tour, performing alongside acts like Chingy, Mario, Ying Yang Twins, Pretty Ricky, and more, and grossing the biggest ticket sales of their career, according to In the premiere episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Lil Fizz and J-Boog realize that they have to hit the gym because though they’ve spent the last few years chasing around their kids, that wasn’t quite exercise enough to get them ready for the stage. "I thought I was in shape... till I got out there," J-Boog tells Fizz and their tour mate from Pretty Ricky, Spectacular Smith.

“Back then when we was out, there was no Shade Room, there was no internet,” Fizz says, joking that in this new online era, he’s fully prepared to get roasted for being an out-of-shape, almost-40-year-old boy band member. We never would have believed these men would have agreed to go on tour in the first place, so we’re willing to give them a little room to huff and puff and build up that stamina!