Young Hollywood Knew He Would Get Roasted For His Comments About Amara La Negra But She Has Words for HIM In This Check Yourself for 'Love & Hip Hop Miami'

"They're going to attack me for that."

It's safe to say that producer Young Hollywood isn't feeling Amara La Negra's Afro. He even goes on to suggest that she flat iron her hair or to perhaps try some braids. (Shaking My Head.)

In the very first Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Miami, Hollywood is still talking about Amara's Afro. Since when is he a stylist? It was strange that, upon meeting her, he only cared about how she looked and not about her talent. He goes on to give her different hairstyle suggestions rather than her Afro to help her move up in this business. Looking back on the scene, Hollywood already knew he was going to get dragged for these comments. He feels that she was so frustrated because he wasn't feeling her, but to Amara, it's clearly an issue of colorism. Word to the wise for everyone, never change your appearance or go against yourself to make someone else happy.

Meanwhile, Shay is feeling Pretty Ricky's old moves, well really just Pleasure P's. Blue can admit today that Shay looks good but he still rips her for her weave and her outfit for originally coming at him sideways. The back-and-forth between Blue and Shay is immature and rubs Pleasure the wrong way. All of this shade and Blue has never seen her before but feels that his bro is foul for pillow talking with someone who doesn't know this group. Pleasure may not have outwardly defended Shay but he did take her to the side to calm her down. It's not the first time Shay went off and while Pleasure respects that she cares, it was unnecessary. Shay doesn't feel bad for defending herself though like, at all.

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