Check Yourself: Yandy Thinks Kimbella Just Misses Their Friendship and Wants a Big Old Hug

Meanwhile, Jonathan calls out Kimbella for talking wild ish about Juju.

Always remember that it's difficult to make an exchange when there's no receipt.

We heard a conversation where Kimbella was sticking up for Juju but Jonathan is saying there was a WHOLE OTHER one where Kimmy wasn't as nice. In this week's Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop, it is literally impossible to stay upset with Anais Martinez. I mean, she wore pink with no panties to an all-black party and served serious Marilyn Monroe meets Fashion Nova vibes. On a more dramatic note, the argument between Anais and Juju may have been lost on some, but Jonathan understands why it went down; he obviously has issues with the Secrets of a Jewel author himself. "I clearly didn't invite Juju," Jonathan says, so her presence (although stunning) was confusing. While Cyn applauds Juju for being there for a friend she isn't on good terms with right now, Anais doesn't get why Juju said "celebrate you." Did Jonathan know she was coming or nah? "Juju has this persona of being classy and stuff and Anais is really trying her," Jonathan peeps from early and it's not looking too good. The "has-been" comment was low and Cyn (and probably everyone else) feels this wasn't the time or place. During their previous conversation, Kimbella did say that Juju's trust needed to be earned but apparently she and Jonathan had another separate talk where he claims Juelz's fiancée "was saying Juju was secretive and saying mad s---t."

Then Yandy comes, just in time too because she didn't want to be apart any of this foolishness, but alas her former pud is standing there front and center. "All I wanted was for them to chit-chat," Jonathan claims, not realizing things would escalate as they did. In response to Kimbella's "goodie two shoes" comment, Yandy admits she's flawed like everyone else is but adds that the difference between her and Kimbella is that she doesn't "flaunt the foolery." Yandy throws in some sarcasm too though when she jokes, "You know you miss me, girl! You know you just wanna give me a big old hug!"

Cyn is right. Everyone needs a round after all of this. Or six. Don't miss an all new Love & Hip Hop next Monday at 8/7