Which 'America's Next Top Model' Contestant Was Crowned The Fiercest of Them All?

"America's *pause* Next *pause* Top *pause* Model *pause* is..."

There's never been a finale in ANTM history where three eliminations took place in a single episode, but this season has truly been one of many firsts. First Shanice was eliminated at the photoshoot, then Khrystyana was eliminated following the fashion show, which meant that only Kyla and Jeana were going into the final panel.

There's a lot to consider when choosing a winner of ANTM, like photographs, walk, presence, adaptability, and apparently hands. The judges agree that Kyla undeniably has the greatest potential and that her lack of experience works in her favor because she's moldable in a way that Jeana is not. Jeana has experience and as Ashley put it, she "came to slay everybody's life" (and Tyra agrees, "including a little girl on the runway") but she has a look and that's what she does best.

While the judges are sharing opinions on the models, Kyla's pouring her heart out backstage about how this competition has helped her grow and Jeana literally CANNOT be bothered. After Kyla and Jeana walk back out to meet the judges one last time, one intense montage and lot of dramatic pauses, and KYLA is announced as the winner of ANTM Cycle 24. After the show aired last night, Kyla took to express her gratitude and excitement.