Masika Kalysha Says Fetty Wap Only Denied Her Baby To Save Face In The Media

"Fetty always believed me. He just wanted you guys to believe that he didn't believe me."

Fetty Wap turned Petty Wap turned, simply, Willie.

We all know and love Fetty, the rapper and performer, but due to recent spats in the media with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star, Masika Kalysha, we've seen him in a not so pleasant light.

In this VH1 exclusive, Masika opens up to speak about who Fetty is as a father. According to Masika, the two were in a mutually exclusive relationship when baby Khari Barbie Maxwell was conceived. The breakup was publicly messy, obvi, and since then hasn't really gotten much better. However, Masika capes for her baby daddy and says that she believes the "Wake Up" rapper was clapping back because millions of fans were clocking their relationship. In an effort to protect himself, Masika feels Fetty threw her under the bus as a defense mechanism to look out for number one. Now that Fetty has another life to worry about, Masika sees he is trying and changing.

Speed bumps always present themselves and by speed bumps I mean arguments over Twitter, but we are happy to hear that Fetty is a great father to baby Khari. Perhaps they should both log out of Twitter for a little bit though. Don't miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood next Monday at 8/7c!