Fan Gropes Nicki Minaj's Butt During Concert, So Nicki Grabs Her Boobs

When groped, Nicki Minaj will grope back.

One ballsy fan took one for the team when Nicki Minaj invited her on stage during The Pinkprint Tour: She grabbed Nicki's ass.

Things got handsy when Nicki invited a fan named Mya to join her on stage at a show in Frankfurt, Germany this past weekend. Mya sat down in a chair, spread both of her hands, and grabbed Nicki's ass, just like any normal human being would, given the opportunity. What took the cake was Nicki's response. She reciprocated by grabbing at Mya's right boob. Watch the video, courtesy of TMZ.

So that's what happens when you grope Nicki's ass. She'll grab at your boob — that is, if you're a woman. Who knows what she'd do if you were a man.

[Photo: Getty Images]