You Must Listen to This Disco Anthem Written in Big Ang Raiola's Memory

"She had a big heart and left a big mark on all of us."

It's no secret that Angela "Big Ang" Raiola was a much loved personality and now she's been immortalized in her very own disco anthem.

Friends, fans, and family members have continued to remember Ang in the weeks following her passing but rapper JoJo Pellegrino gave the Mob Wives star her very own musical tribute. As memorable as her larger-than-life TV persona was, her family life and her off-camera acts of philanthropy remain the most important parts of a woman loved by millions and Pellegrino's lyrics ring true to that sentiment.

Sampling disco hit "I'm Caught Up (In a One Night Love Affair)," the Big Ang tribute song calls out her many acts of charity as well as her lovable personality and ability to see the good in every situation. Ang was a huge fan and part of the disco world so the tune is really one for the books.

VH1 will remember Ang’s life with Larger Than Life: A Celebration of Big Ang on Wednesday at 9/8c.