Bonus Clip: Juju Tells Kimbella They're Going On A Vacation With Yandy, And Kim's Not Having It

"I'm trying to get away from the drama and the arguing for a little bit."

[mtvn_player height="288" width="512" content_uri=""]Juju plans a getaway to Mexico for herself, Kimbella, J. Adrienne, and Yandy in this Love & Hip Hop bonus clip, knowing damn well that Kim and Yandy aren't on the best of terms.

Kim points this out during a spa day with Juju and J. Adrienne, and Juju encourages her to tell her side of the story since she'd already heard Yandy's. Kim explains that Yandy refused to tell her information about Juelz for the sake of professionalism, and that doesn't sit right with her.

After discussing the issue between the two, J. Adrienne makes sure to say that she wants the vacation to be a drama free zone. Kim and Yandy may not be able to guarantee that, but we'll have to wait and see.

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