Amber Rose Explains That She Wants Another Baby From Wiz Khalifa in This 'Amber Rose Show' Highlight

She wants another baby. He wants, well, something else.

Amber Rose got super candid about her baby-father Wiz Khalifa on the Amber Rose Show Friday night (July 29). Muva dished that she went to see Wiz and Snoop Dogg perform in Charlotte, North Carolina last weekend, but she had more on her mind than just music. Rose and Khalifa share a son together, Sebastian, and she wants more children with his sperm. So, in true Rose fashion, she asked Khalifa for the goods.

"I really, really want another baby, so I asked him for his sperm," Rose said. "I'm like, 'He'll probably get me some more sperm so we can have another baby.'"

But that's not what happened. Rose wanted another baby. Khalifa wanted, well, something else.

"Instead, he just put his babies on my face," Rose said. Yes, that means exactly what you think.

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Watch the "OMG!" moment go down in the video above. The Amber Rose Show airs Fridays at 11/10c.