Cardi B Went Awf on Self for Not Supporting Her Music Career on Last Night's 'Love & Hip Hop'

"I admit that me and Cardi B make some good Shmoney together, but that doesn't make her an artist!"

Cardi B is definitely not feeling the self-proclaimed Prince Of New York on Love & Hip-Hop right now. Self's lack of support towards Cardi's music has her tight, and she has no problem letting him have it. Self claims that artists like BBOD present themselves professionally and that's why he plays their music on the radio. Well damn Self…we thought Cardi was the homie!

Despite Self's attitude towards Cardi's music, she makes it clear that she made it here on her own and will continue to be successful with or without his help. "I don't need self, I don't need nobody to be successful. I went from stripping to being here by myself. Go F--- yourself homie".

Welp looks like Cardi B won't be needing Self after all! Don't miss an all new Love & Hip Hop, next Monday at 10/9c!