The Models Have to Make Tyra Proud With Their Tech-Savvy Talents in This 'ANTM' Sneak Peek

"Tyra's avatar is so beautiful. It even smizes."

Tyra Banks has always had various methods of communication when she wants to get a message out to the ANTM models. First there was literal mail, TyraMail (What else?), sent to the model house. Now, thanks to the advances in modern technology, she prefers video messages. Never one to get complacent, Tyra has been trying all kinds of new things this season, so it makes sense that she just threw this tech-savvy curve ball at the ladies. In an effort to switch things up she's giving the models a hint about their next challenge via her ANTM Mobile Game avatar immediately following elimination.

The models have no time to gush over how cute Tyra's avatar, because the real Tyra needs them make their own avatars to win the next challenge. One of the prizes for winning Cycle 24 of ANTM is to have an avatar in the ANTM Mobile Game, so the models better make sure their pixels are poppin and the avatar truly reflects their personality. A challenge is not a challenge without a little bit of pressure, so the models on have 15 minutes to make their avatars, oh and the winner of the challenge will also get the opportunity to be styled by Law Roach too! Let the games begin.

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