Corn Bread Batter and Furniture Get Tossed When Lyrica's Mom Presses A1 About His Marriage

"Don't come in here accusing my son...."

Where's Safaree eating a rib while trying to mind his business when you need him?

Just when you thought Lyrica Garrett and Pam were finally getting along, you are quickly reminded that hell isn't frozen. In this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood clip, Lyrica G. barges into A1's home uninvited, demanding that he work on his marriage with Lyrica. Off rip, A1 tells his mother-in-law, "you came in here real aggressive," especially since he feels mommy dearest has no idea "how shady Lyrica has been." Momma Lyrica starts getting loud and a fed up Pam basically says, "forget the corn bread," splattering the mix all over her son. Of course, Lyrica G. has to throw something of her own. Well, thank God for security because that chair was about to go flying. Blinded by the batter, A1 not only kicks out Lyrica's mom, but his own mom too.

When Pam feels disrespected, she calls her eldest son Loyd to speak some sense into Floyd.

Big bro gets straight to it, asking A1 what his issue was for kicking his own mother out of the house. Pam feels Lyrica is an instigator and this whole mess leaves Loyd wondering where the old Floyd is at. A1 leveled up being in this industry; he's simply not the same dude from Kansas City, but his brother isn't tying to hear any of that. Security saves the day once again but if anything, A1 thought he could depend on his family, especially now that his marriage is falling apart. At the end of the day, his family does have his back and Pam just needs her son to take notice to who she believes Lyrica really is.

Oh wait, there he is.


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