11 Heavy Songs By Bands That Weren’t That Heavy

While Black Sabbath blew the doors wide open for heavy metal, many of their peers (and predecessors) were experimenting with their own signature brand of rock n’ roll. And though a lot of these artists were a little, well OK, a lot tamer than Ozzy and company, they did occasionally venture into some hard rock and even heavy metal territory. Their music helped influence and lay the foundation for future rawk and metal artists. You may be familiar with some or even all of these tunes (damn…really?), but it’s an interesting reminder that although these classic bands tended to favor the mellower stuff, there were a few select songs in their respective catalogues that actually cranked the amps to 11. From Pink Floyd to Chicago to The Beatles, they all had at least one killer heavy tune. Here’s a list of 11 heavy songs by bands that aren’t very heavy. Or are they??? (Dun dun dunnnn.) .

David Bowie “She Shook Me Cold”

A track from Bowie’s third studio album, The Man Who Sold the World, this song was clearly outshined by the title track – though it definitely stands out as a unique, proto-metal number in the singer’s catalog.

Pink Floyd “The Nile Song”

This track is from the soundtrack/studio album More, which is the band’s first full album without founding member Syd Barrett. The album shows the art-rock icons experimenting with new sounds – especially this tune, which may be the heaviest song they ever recorded.