Ray J Spills His Thoughts On Kanye's Relationship With The President

Twist: He's into it!

Aside from being romantically involved with Kim Kardashian, it turns out that Ray J and Kanye West have another thing in common: they both think that Kanye's meetings with the current President of the United States are a good idea.

In a recent interview with Ace of BBC's 1Xtra Radio, Ray J was asked his opinion on the political decisions made by the husband of his ex-girlfriend of like 15 years ago. Instead of roasting Kanye, Ray J eloquently answered by saying,

I think he has a lot of great relationships that could help the African American community in America. He's in the room now, we've always wanted to be in the room talking to the President personally. That's a big move. That's a big step. So I respect that. Making change is the most important thing, so if change is made through those relationships then it's thumbs all the way up.

While not everyone was gung-ho with Ray J's support (and many argued that African Americans already were in the room during Barack Obama's two terms as President), a lot of people did feel like he gave a mature response.

But even more interesting, was Ray's thoughts on some of the events on this season of Love & hip Hop Hollywood, more specifically his relationship with his friend, A1. Now, he doesn't exactly regret what he said, but rather saying it on national television in front of millions of people in hindsight, wasn't the best idea.

Ray says he meant well but acknowledges that he "wasn't really taking [A1's] feelings in consideration [and] could have been a better friend." He even spilled a little tea on the drama unfolding at the upcoming reunion, "I'm happy I'm on the side line and it's not my situation, and that's even worse, to be on the sideline with the popcorn. That's wrong, but that what I...I had the popcorn too...I have mixed feelings about how I behaved." That sounds JUICY!

He even says he might be done with reality TV soon. We hope it's not true because Ray J is truly a gem.

You can listen to entire interview here, with Ray J coming in around the 1 hour, 45 minute mark.

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