Get the Look: Hip Hop Style From 'The Breaks'

This special edition of Behind The Breaks shows us how to rock retro.

If you ask celebrity stylist Jai Hudson, hip hop invented the remix for both music and fashion.

Recently VH1 teamed up with Reel Works Productions and Jai Hudson to bring fans of The Breaks a special, style edition of Behind The Breaks.

Executive produced by Stephanie Walter and the Brooklyn-based youth organization Reel Works, this installment of Behind The Breaks will school you on how to get some of the standout looks from the hit series. And just so you know a little more about the dope talent behind the video. Reel Works is one of the nation's leading mentor programs in filmmaking. Thanks to its unique design of pairing aspiring teens with educators at an effective 1:1 ratio, the digital media driven organization has achieved success in helping kids develop the necessary skills and leadership needed to succeed in the creative media industry.

Inspired by the 90s hip hop style seen in the series, Hudson broke down the history of a few staple pieces from the show that are still very relevant in fashion today, namely Imani X's signature camouflage jacket, and Barry Fouray's classic tracksuit and Kangol combo. With the help of two models, Hudson showed us how to rock retro in these modern times.

"Camo (camouflage) came into style in the 1960's as part of the hippie, anti-war movement. Basically, it was an "F-U" to the powers that be. Hip hop picked it up as trend with the Timbs, tees and Doc Martins. If you want [to get] Imani X's militant chic look... get a jacket, pair it with some leggings, a sports bra and finish it with some Doc Martins.

[As for] the tracksuit, it's loose fitting and easy to move in. A staple in any rapper's wardrobe. If you owned one, you were someone... Wood Harris' character Barry Fouray in The Breaks embraces that philosophy with this black Adidas tracksuit. Fast talking and always on the go, his tracksuit signals to everyone that Barry is a mover and a shaker."

Dope! Jai later broke down how to pair a tracksuit with a Kangol and the right accessories.

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Check out the full video above.