So, What Has Erica Dixon Been Up To During Her Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Hiatus?

It's been a few years now and we're happy she's back!

Erica Dixon is back baby and she has a whole new 'tude.

The last time we saw this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta OG, she and Scrappy had an extremely heated argument over child support at the season four reunion. At the time, Bambi and Scrappy's fresh relationship perpetuated tension with Erica Dixon. Momma Dee even rescinded Erica's bridesmaid offer because Scrappy was not happy about it. Since her time on the show, Erica, Scrappy and Bambi have made peace and are now anticipating being one big happy blended family now that the Bamb is expecting. Fans were ecstatic to see Erica back, even Erica.

So what has she been up to for the past few years? Well for one, she's still an amazing mother to her daughter with Scrappy, Emani.

Who is a ball-playing teenager now!

Erica recently graduated from the University of Phoenix.

And she's been slaying per usual.

Like most snatched baddies, Erica has been up in the gym.

Traveling has been a must, of course.

All-in-all, she's been living her best stress-free life, and it shows!

Nice to have you back Erica. We missed you!

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