Does Kirk Regret Telling Rasheeda To Get An Abortion?

Yesterday Kirk called in to WGCI's 107.5 Morning Riot show to tell his side of the story. And the hosts let him have it. They didn't cut him any slack for how he's been treating Rasheeda on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta this season.

When the radio hosts asks why he would tell his pregnant wife to have an abortion he explains himself. "At that point in time, I said it, but did I really truly mean it? No!" However, he admits he was angry and having a baby was messing up their business. And in Kirk's world, having a baby is only the woman's responsibility. "A baby comes out a woman, it doesn't come out a guy." He admits he has no proof of her cheating, but he has no idea where her "private parts" have been. So is he cheating since he keeps accusing his wife? "At that point in time, no," he says. Is he now? "That remains to be seen."

Kirk also reveals he has one child, Ky, with Rasheeda and four other children. Listen to the full interview to hear what he says is the current status of their relationship. If this 'Almost Single' shirt is an indication of what's to come things aren't looking too good.

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[Photo Credit: Getty Images]