The New Trailer For 'Heist' Will Definitely Make You Pee Your Pants

My heart is still pounding, tbh.

Robert De Niro, why are you giving me a heart attack?!

The new trailer for the actor's next film Heist just dropped, and the ambulance needs to be on standby...because I'm freaking TF out.

Here's the lowdown. Sir De Niro plays Pope, a high-ballin' gangster who owns a casino that burglars-in-training Vaughn (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Cox (Dave Bautista) try to bleed dry. But when that goes awry and shots are fired, Vaughn and Cox find themselves at the top of Pope's shit list. And how do they deal with this? By hijacking a city bus—with people in it—to evade Pope, of course! You know, as one does.

With Pope's main man Dog (Morris Chestnut) and a police officer named Bajos (Gina Carano) on their tails, Vaughn and Cox are knee-deep in crisis—which, to my blood pressure's dismay, makes for a v. entertaining action film.

Watch the trailer above. Exciting, right? Even more adrenaline-pumping, though, is the film's poster. Check it out:

Seriously, where is that ambulance? Heist hits theaters and VOD Nov. 13.