Watching a Completely Topless Kendall Jenner Hug Kim Kardashian Is Strange and Wonderful

Sisterly love.

If you think you're close with your sister, think again. Top model goddess Kendall Jenner and "Jam" chanteuse Kim Kardashian just redefined #SiblingGoals. And how did they do it? By Jenner hugging Kardashian topless. Yup. No shirt? No bra? No problem.

This transformative pop culture moment goes down in a video for Vogue. The fashion glossy filmed Jenner behind-the-scenes at New York Fashion Week, where we watch her trot from fitting to fitting, shave her legs in a car, talk menstrual bloating with Gigi Hadid and FaceTime Cara Delevingne--you know, the usual activities for normal 20-year-olds.

Then, it happens. Like a modern-day Santa Claus, Kardashian emerges at one of Jenner's fittings with bags and bags of McDonald's. An elated (and completely bare-topped) Jenner runs to her sister and embraces her, thankful for the greasy sustenance. (And she's probably happy to see Kimmy, too. But it's mostly the Egg McMuffin that has her jazzed.)

Kardashian also throws Jenner a little (good-natured) shade, too. "Wait I had no idea you had a nipple ring," Kardashian exclaims. "...put some clothes on. Not that I'm one to talk, because I'm always naked." Self-deprecating realness.

Watch the sisterly love go down in the video above. You'll probably want to eat McDonald's and/or take your clothes off after. Both are fine. Even if you're at church.