Tyga Throws Party of the Century, Too VIP to Let Paul McCartney in

It's like, who does Paul think he is?...

Paul McCartney took a shot in the dark last night by trying to party with music legend Tyga at his Grammys after party. Some nerve, right??

TMZ has video of Paul and fellow music nobody Beck getting rejected by the bodyguards Tyga hired with King Kylie's money at the door of the Argyle in Hollywood. See it for yourself:

"How VIP do we gotta get?," Paul asks. This isn't just any party, Paul. It's a Tyga party. You'll need to be as VIP as Bow Wow. Or as the gum on Kylie's shoe.

Speaking of Bow Wow, the industry innovator shed some light on why he thought Paul got the no. "Maybe it's the fact that we're younger than Paul," he said. "It's a new generation. We really go out."

Simply genius.

Tyga continues to stop the world with surprise albums while becoming next P. Diddy of party-throwers, and we assume Paul will be out there, twiddling his thumbs or doing whatever it is a member of The Beatles does.

If you're wondering what else went down last night at the Grammys, here's what everyone was really thinking during the event.

Maybe you'll get there one day, Paul. Maybe.