Scrappy Knocks Erica's Parenting In a Fit of Rage In Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Reunion Sneak

"You a good mama, half the f---ing time."

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Scrappy and Erica Dixon don't seem any closer to resolving their custody battle. In a sneak peek for part two of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, Scrappy has a full on meltdown on stage battling with Erica over whether or not he owes her back child support.

Momma Dee and Bambi try to offer support to Scrappy, saying he's an excellent father and Erica doesn't dispute that but says he doesn't provide the way he's supposed to. Scrappy, getting increasingly angrier, says he doubts whether or not Erica is good mother because Erica is always out and about and he has reason to believe that maybe she's not an ideal parent.

Will these two be able to find a resolve before the reunion ends? Are these two still beefing over who's the better parent to Emani? Find out on part two of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, Monday at 8/7c!