Sneak Peek: Bridget Kelly is High-Key Annoyed that Brooke Valentine Put Her on the Spot by Suggesting La'Britney Joins Her Tour

Well, this is awkward.

Bridget, wooshah.

Bridget Kelly is minding her business, just going about hers when an important moment in her life is ruined by one of her friends. While in London during this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood sneak peek, Bridget is on a press tour for her very first full-length album. She allows La'Britney and Brooke to come along (staying in the back of course) which soon becomes a decision she regrets. Thinking Bridget's interview is "boring," Brooke decides that she and Brit will crash this thang to spice it up a bit. As La'Britney is promoting her upcoming projects, Brooke comes up with a business idea that Bridget doesn't seem too interested in. Bridget must've felt the pressure though, because she reluctantly agreed.

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