Nas Lowkey Responds to Kelis' Abuse Allegations Using Emojis

It might have been lowkey, but it was highkey petty.

Last week, Kelis was bringing us all to the metaphorical yard after her interview with Hollywood Unlocked. She let Jason Lee ask any question and he asked what we all wanted to know, what happened to everyone's favorite couples from early 2000s hip-hop? Kelis kept it candid saying her seven-year relationship with Nas was abusive.

Obviously, this was a lot for everyone to process and we've all been waiting patiently to see how Nas would respond. Would he apologize or tell a different version of events? He didn't do any of those things - instead he posted a picture of him and their son, Knight.

The picture, which is captioned "This is what it's all about. Pure Peace & Pure Love. Pure Happiness! ❤️ #tb #fatherandsons", is very cute but doesn't really address the situation at hand, Nasir.

Thanks to one of our fave handy dandy internet sleuths, Micheal Arceneaux, we now know that Nas did respond to Kelis' the comments section of the very same picture.

Michael tweeted "So Nas' response to allegations of domestic violence is post an old shot of him and their son while co-signing shots of his ex-wife?"


Nas isn't the only one who can use emojis to describe how they feel about this situation: