Issa Mess! A Question About Blac Chyna Leads to Michael Blackson's Tragic Pole Dance on 'Hip Hop Squares'

We have a new Magic Mike?

Things got steamy on the latest episode of Hip Hop Squares. After being asked to guess what Blac Chyna's stripper name was before she became famous, comedian Michael Blackson decided to jump start is own stripper career.

As Magic Mike hits the pole with a very suspect wig, Teyana Taylor and other female contestants rush to the stage to make it rain for their new favorite pole dancer. Now that we can't unsee this moment for the rest of our lives, can you guess what Chyna's actual stripper name is?

"Hold up, you're telling me Blac Chyna isn't her stripper name?" Blackson jokes before giving his actual answer. Watch the hilarious clip above to see if his answer is correct.

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