Tamar Braxton Talks Her New Album and The Many Loves of Her Life

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Tamar Braxton and John Legend each have new albums out that share their takes on that powerful four-letter word that makes our worlds go round—Love and War and Love In The Future, respectively—and now the two have joined forces for what is sure to be a must-see tour this fall. Tamar recently stopped by the VH1 headquarters to discuss her upcoming tour, as well as her two new loves—her son Logan Vincent Herbert, and her album Love and War, the title track of which Tamar says is the soundtrack to her relationship with her hubby and manager Vince.

The new mother is not only in love with her little boy (who she jokes is "a lot of fun" and is "just like his daddy, very fickle and insubordinate"), but with her musical labor of love, her album Love and War, which shot to the No. 3 spot on the iTunes Album Charts upon its release on September 3rd. For this album, which Tamar considers to be her first despite having released an LP called Tamar back in 2000, she made sure that she was involved with the writing and concepting of the material from the start. She explains why this was so important to her in the clip below:

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When asked to name her favorite tracks on the album, Tamar gushed without hesitation, "All of them! I really, really love this album, and if this wasn't my album, I would want it to be." She expressed the same unabashed enthusiasm when talking about her love and appreciation for her tour mate, John Legend. "He had no idea that I was such a superfan," she gushed. "I would see him in passing and I've always been a huge John Legend fan, so when it came about that he wanted me to open up for him I was just like, 'Oh my gosh!' I don't think he knows to this day that I'm a huge John Legend fan. But I'm sure he knows now."

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Admittedly, it's been quite a year for this youngest Braxton, but Tamar says her older sister and music industry superstar Toni Braxton gave her some heartfelt advice on how to manage the whirlwind success and stardom. "She told me to enjoy every moment, because she worked so hard, especially during her first album, that she didn't stop to smell the roses... She said, 'Make sure you have fun with it.'"

Not only is Tamar feeling the love and support from her famous big sis and other musical icons like Mary J. Blige, but she shared that the support and encouragement she's received from her idol, Mariah Carey, has meant the world to her and makes her feel like she's on the right path. Tamar reminisced that when she attended Mariah's wedding to Nick Cannon, she got to share a special moment with Mariah. "She pulled me to the side and she was just like, 'You have an amazing voice, thank you for keeping it authentic with R&B, we really need that, and hopefully one day we can work together'... And the whole time she's talking to me I can't look at her in her face!"

Tamar confided that she would love to record in the future with Toni and Mariah, but with her already full plate, it will be very interesting to see how this multi-talented new mom and budding superstar will juggle all of her loves, including her return to talk show television. When asked to pick her favorite job of all, Tamar admitted that she has a hard time choosing. "I love to shoot The Braxtons because it's with my sisters and my mom, I love to shoot Tamar and Vince because it's with my husband and now my family, I love shooting The Real because it's girlfriend hour, and I love to sing because that's my number one passion in life."

One thing that Tamar will be finding time for once again is an occasional cocktail! Tamar has said on record that her son was conceived during a night of excessive cocktail consumption with her husband Vince, and although the rising star stated that she is not planning on having any more children, she does intend to bask in the bliss that is her favorite cocktail. (See the video above.)