'Dating Naked''s Kerri Explains Why She Didn't Choose Chris And How She's Actually Friends With Fallon

Now that the season has ended, get an update from Kerri on her relationships!

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Before we get into this interview, let me just say that most of the VH1 office was sitting around last night yelling at our TVs for Chris and Kerri to get it together and choose one another. I mean, hello! They are already friends, and friendship is the foundation of a good relationship and blah blah blah, and also, they are both so NICE, right? But then we spoke to Kerri, who is as cool and down-to-earth as she seems on the show, and she explained all the reasons why she and Chris weren't meant to be. After seeing her logically make her eliminations from week to week, of course her rationale was sound and made total sense. But you know what doesn't make sense? When she told us she's friends with Fallon.

VH1: Well, I think the first thing that people would want to know is what the situation was with Chris was after you made your decision that you were not choosing him.

Kerri: Oh, we actually did have a conversation, we sat down and talked about everything and I think the conclusion we reached was that we had kinda of gone through this very unique experience together, and no matter what, going through something like that is gonna bond you to someone, is gonna tie you to them. Especially because you are naked, you are vulnerable the whole time... we are sharing our feelings all the time, so it created a bond between us, but I think we both recognized that our feelings might have been a little misplaced for each other simply because you have, I mean - oh man, how do I wanna explain this? - we didn't know each other outside of the show. We really didn't get to spend a significant amount of time going on dates with each other, so we didn't know each other in a real world environment, and so we didn't really know if we had real feelings for each other or not. I think it was natural just to feel that we had feelings for each other, but not necessarily understand what those feelings were aside from a very strong bond.

So, obviously you chose Mason. What was it like with him immediately following your decision?

Oh, man, that's the hardest question to answer! I chose Mason for a couple reasons... One of the reasons that I chose Mason was because of what I recognized about Chris: That he is an incredible, incredible man, he is very good at loving people for who they are, but he is also a bit of a shiny-objects chaser. I've been in that relationship before and I don't ever wanna be in a relationship like that again. You spend the whole time being insecure and doubting yourself and waiting for that guy to look for the next best thing. So that was part of the decision for wanting to be with Mason; recognizing the difference between someone who appreciates me now versus someone who will appreciate me for a very long time, but Mason didn't necessarily come back for me. There is that proverb about if you love something, set it free, if it comes back, it's yours, if it doesn't come back, it was never yours to begin with. Mason came back, but Mason didn't necessarily came back for me and so I don't think that he was ever truly mine and I don't know that our feelings for each other were ever, you know, 100% validated.

And what's your current status with Mason?

Well, we didn't speak for probably about a month after the show. He actually told me on our way home that he was pursuing someone else. So he comes back to the show, I choose him, and then he is like "Actually, there is someone that I'm talking to..." Right now, our friendship is slowly starting to grow, but I think right now we are more focused on having a good friendship and recognizing that, my original concerns about the relationship were very, very validated, I see us having different life paths and neither of us want to hold the other person back from that.

You had a lot of guys fighting over you, and to your credit, you seemed to be unimpressed when that would happen. Was there ever a moment where it go so ridiculous that you were like "What is really going on here with these guys?"

The whole conflict between Dan and Mason, I think if I wasn't so shocked and if I haven't been going through so many emotional trials, I actually think that I probably would have interjected myself in that fight, like "What the f-ck are you guys doing right now? this is absolute ridiculous, you are both acting like children, you are putting me in the middle of it, you are both putting me on the spot." That whole fight was so ridiculous and it was so frustrating because no one respected each other in that argument, they weren't respecting me, they weren't respecting each other. That was probably my breaking moment of like "I don't want any of this, I don't want any of you..." and it is so unfortunate because these guys are fighting for your love, but in the process of it, they are making themselves so unattractive.

Since you mentioned Dan...when we first meet Dan, he seemed great, he was so handsome and charming and then I think things went down hill so fast, like that first night when he was drunk. You were very optimistic because you saw something in him that first day and for me, personally, I was watching and being like "No, girl, get rid of him!"

You know, that was a very, very hard decision to make because I didn't want it to seem that everything I had preached this whole time I was throwing out the window, but after the fact, I did kinda regret that decision. He was one of the very few genuine connections I made in the house, one of the very few people I had true chemistry with and that I really enjoyed having around and I saw this an unattractive quality in him and I was like "I don't want anything to do with you." So I think with Dan when I had that chemistry with him, I felt like I need to get this guy a second chance to redeem himself, we are drinking, we are naked, we are vulnerable, this is a new situation for everyone, there is jealousy involved, this isn't necessarily how he is gonna behave on a daily basis, and if this relationship grows maybe he will grow with it. So I just really felt the need to give him a second chance. Genuine connections are extremely rare, I think that's something that people don't get, they are like "Why aren't you clicking with every single guy?" and because true, genuine connections are very, very rare so when I find one, and I kinda regretted tossing Justin to the side, but I felt like I needed to give Dan a second chance.

Is there anyone that you have kept in touch with through this process?

I actually keep in touch with a significant amount of the cast, I definitely have stayed in touch with a lot of the girls. I didn't necessarily see them on the show, it's only 52 minutes of camera time that you get to see and we are in a competition with each other, but I really did bond with a lot of the girls that came to the house simply because I just really respected them for being on the show and putting themselves out there like that.

I actually think the aspect of what life was like for all the girls in the house is interesting because there was that element of competition, but of all the women, you saw through the competitive girls and would try to show that to Chris and be like "Dude, whatever they are saying to you, don't let that cloud your judgment, they are actually just playing a game!"

Yea, and it might have come across that I wanted to sabotage them, like "Oh, I'm better than these girls," and truthfully was that I had Chris's best interest at heart. I wanted to see him with someone amazing, it had to be an awesome girl that he really deserved and so, I wanted him to see through the people who were just putting on a show, who just wanted to be desired, but not necessarily wanted to be desired by him. I wasn't trying to like make myself appear to be the best person, rather I was just trying to open his eyes so that he could find the best person, whoever that was for him! But for the most part, I made friends with every girl in the house. I still talk to Fallon, we talk all the time! I talk to Elissa a lot, we bonded a lot after the show ended, we really kinda came to a resolution and understood each other a lot better.

So tell me everything about Fallon! I'm just really curious... is she just really that confident?

It's not an act, that is exactly who she is! She is not, she is definitely not putting on a show, but I'd say that she is very calculated, so it's not necessarily that she is putting on an act, but she knows exactly what she is doing and why she is doing it. I don't think she would take back any of her actions, I don't think she regrets anything. I think she is very true to herself and maybe that's one of the reasons I kinda connect with her, I don't necessarily agree with all of her actions, but I can appreciate someone who is honest and that's very, very hard to find. I don't know, I think she is just very real and people definitely see her as fake, but I think because she is honest about who she is, I think that makes her very real, but none of it was an act, it is exactly who she is!

If Chris have chosen her, you would have been like "Okay, I can see what he sees in her"?'

Hmmm, I wouldn't' go that far! I still don't think they are a match simply because because Chris would say to me over and over and over that he doesn't want someone high-maintenance, that he wants someone he can go hiking with and go on adventures with and they won't be worried about their hair and their nails and taking selfies all the time. She is literally the opposite of everything he says he wants, but like Chris is a shiny objects chaser, he sees something pretty and he wants a piece of it, so...