Legends Never Die: Remembering The Greats Of 'BET Uncut' [NSFW]

From "Tip Drill" to "Bia Bia", we relive the videos that quenched your youthful thirst.

Recall a world before vines, snaps and IG — back when your away message on AIM was the closest thing to a status update. Even back before YouTube took the world by storm, forever changing the way we consume media. Before all that, BET Uncut was where you could find new music by your favorite street artist, or discover an outlandish video by a random hood star with some capital to waste on a dead-end music venture. BET Uncut can be best described as the underworld of music video shows — a cable access franchise with the backing of a major cable network.

The early morning time-slot offered an insane amount of leeway for pretty much anything and everything. Either way, the outcome always resulted in some of the craziest and memorable videos in entertainment. Uncut was either the perfect nightcap after a night out, or the visual soundtrack for an insomniac. Let's take a look back at some of the defining videos that helped solidify the legend of BET Uncut — the show that inadvertently raised a generation.

Nelly - "Tip Drill"

Quite possibly the most infamous Uncut video ever, Tip Drill set the gold standard in urban debauchery thus setting off a firestorm of controversy. Nelly taught us that it might not be a good idea to swipe a credit card through a pair of buttcheeks at the height of your popularity.

Black Jesus - "What That Thang Smell Like"

Oh, the irony in a 300-pound male asking "What that thang smell like"— and he's not talking about grub. Everything that made this video a must watch years back is the same reason why it's so trife in 2015.

Joker The Bailbondsman featuring Bizzy Bone - "Uh Huh"

So what happens when Ohio and Alaska's finest get together on a track? You make Uncut history! We would be interested to find out if Ziploc's sales grew in anyway during the period this video was in heavy rotation.

Mighty Casey - "White Girls"

It really doesn't get anymore random than this bad boy, which got plenty of spins in Uncut's heyday.

Mike Jones featuring Slim Thug & Paul Wall - "Still Tippin"

One of the first BET Uncut videos that helped break not one but three relatively unknown acts outside of Houston. This brought some credibility to the show that was mainly known for being an after hours flesh factory.

Waxamillion - "No Panties On The Dancefloor"

Imagine how much more trifling this video would be if high definition was available back in the early 2000s.

The Firemen - "Smoke With Me"

Yes, that is Teck $ from The Real World: Hawaii, thus proving there is indeed life after reality television.

Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz - "Bia Bia"

BET Uncut played a pivotal role in helping build Lil Jon's early fanbase. "The King of Crunk" was able to connect with his exact demographic: those coming back home after a night of debauchery. This is the video that started it all.

Cam'ron - "Get Em Girls"

Another video which broke the Uncut mold, helping to usher in a new trend of well-established acts appearing on the show and legitimizing it's influence on the culture. Check out the cameo by a young Kanye in this jewel of a video.

Benzinio - "Bellowzino"

Before his Love & Hip Hop days, Uncut could've been considered Benzino's second home. Zino took full advantage of the adult-themed hours by always keeping a filthy video in rotation.