Don Feels Betrayed That Phor Would Side With Ryan's Decision to Take Over Loyal Ink

"I've been supporting everything you've been doing since day one."

Cold world (J.Cole voice.)

A brotherly bond is damn near shattered in this Black Ink Crew: Chicago highlight, leaving the fate of their relationship up in the air. Ryan rolls up into Loyal Ink, claiming his own stomping grounds now that their lease is up. Confused as to what's going on, Don decides to holla at his blood brother about this sudden takeover when Lily injects herself into Don's discussion, accusing him of "raising his voice" at her. He definitely was talking to his brother, but if she wants smoke, he can light things up. "These motherf---as really think this is some type of game," Don says stressing that 9Mag is "f---ing with people's money and their livelihood and they really think this s--t is a joke."

A non-laughing Ryan says he doesn't "need to forgive anyone or forget what happened" between them. All he knows now is that he has the lease to the building, it's 9Mag again, "and ain't nobody gotta f--k with him under it." Feeling betrayed that his brother is siding with his present-nemesis, Don presses Phor asking when he was planning on giving him a heads up that this was going to happen. Since Day 1 Don has been supporting Phor and expected that same respect in return. It's clear that Phor has chosen his side, which is why Van has nothing to say to his "friend" at this point. He's not trying to hear them out and is so fed up, he declares that he's done with it all.

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