Shaunie Says She Never Said Malaysia Didn't Have Substance, Deads the Idea of Brandi Returning to 'Basketball Wives'

"I personally have been around Malaysia for a few years now.We've never had a conversation that was of any substance."

Malaysia thinks Shaunie said she and Brandi have no substance. Shaunie says those words never came out of her mouth. Either way, Shaunie let's it known that it's "safe to say" Brandi Maxiell will not be returning for another season of Basketball Wives fun.

In this Basketball Wives reunion highlight, host Marc Lamont Hill tries to understand the reasoning behind some of the Miami and LA ladies' actions this season. Malaysia had no clue she was a plus one's plus one and had she known, she would never have come to the dinner with Brandi. Good thing Brandi didn't come to the reunion, Marc jokes, saying everyone would've gotten up to walk out on her, again. Although Marc feels like that the ladies could've just sat there and had no drama, Tami explains that just wasn't happening. No matter what they would've, could've, or should've done, people would've had something to say about it regardless.

Bonnie-Jill gets thrown into the hot seat and is called out for being an instigator. She didn't mean to start the beef, her approach was simple, all she wanted was for the ladies to talk out their problems but after all of these seasons, did she really think that was happening?

In speaking of "bringing substance to the show," Shaunie says she never spoke on Brandi in particular but also never had a close relationship with Malaysia. It's not that she said Malaysia has no substance, but more so she can't recall a conversation that had substance. Ms. Pargo gets semi-emotional saying throughout her time on the show she put her whole life on front street so to say that there's no substance is offensive.

Shaunie's face though.

Basketball Wives may be a wrap but catch Baller Wives at it's new time, next Monday at 9/8c!