People Are Fat Shaming Nicki Minaj After Her People's Choice Awards Performance and It's Gotta Stop

Her talent is undeniable, so critics are coming after her body.

Last night Nicki Minaj opened up E!'s People's Choice Awards with Tyga and their song "Dip (Remix)." She bodied her verses and that full leather outfit.

And while some people were disappointed because it looked like the Queen rapper didn't know the lyrics to her own song, others were critical of her for something that has nothing to do with her ability as a rapper. The Shade Room posted a clip of the performance to their Instagram and immediately people began sounding off in the comments.

And it wasn't your typical chatter coming from the ever-so-loyal Barbz. Comments on the video ranged from, "I'm sorry but she looks disgusting. If u gonna get your body done. It should be done to perfection" to "She needs a diet for real." Those are the least offensive. People wrote that she should be called "Ms. Piggy" and insinuated that the reason she is gaining weight has to do with having more plastic surgery. None of this, of course, has been corroborated by Minaj.

It's not like people haven't been critical of Minaj recently. She has been in the news for her very public feud with Cardi B and the whole thing prompted a hilarious meme about her stopping bags. She has been criticized for not working with female artists. She has even been criticized for her super loyal fan base, who have leaked phone numbers and sent threats on her behalf. In other words, there's plenty about Minaj that people dislike (whether they're right or wrong, you can decide) but you can and should keep your comments off of her body. If you feel so moved to criticize her actions, go ahead. But her body is off limits.

Some people think that, because it has been long rumored that Nicki had work done on her body, they somehow possess the right to speak on it however they please. As if any (alleged) plastic surgery is any of their business to begin with. Then, add in that Minaj may have gained weight, and commenters just cannot help themselves. If Nicki Minaj did gain weight, her status as a celebrity does not give anyone the right to comment on that weight gain. I mean, if we're getting technical, you shouldn't feel the need to comment on anyone's body that isn't your own, but I digress.

It's time to stop criticizing women in the industry for their bodies and time to start realizing that, even being in the public eye doesn't mean that you have a free pass to trash talk. Plus, you wouldn't want the Barbz to come after you, would you?

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