'Divergent' Star, Author Didn't Realize You'd Love Them

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"I wrote the first draft in my rubber ducky pajamas in my parents' house, which is where I lived," Veronica Roth says of her best-selling book Divergent's adorably humble beginnings. She can be forgiven for never imagining that the first look at footage of its film adaptation would be one of the hottest tickets at San Diego Comic-Con. On Thursday, Hall H attendees were treated to glimpses of Four, Tris and the other characters in a dystopian version of what was once Chicago.

In this mecca of fandom, we asked Roth and the movie's stars, Shailene Woodley and Theo James, to tell us about the first time they realized they even had fans.

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"I'm so bad with that F word," Shailene said. "Acting is a type of art, and the reason I do it is for my own selfish reason.

The thought of anybody watching a movie after I filmed it is a little bit daunting."

Theo, whom we still think of as the ill-fated Pamuk of Downton Abbey, joked that people still confuse him with "the guy who cleans the toilets."

Director Neil Burger is excited about the prospect of serving up this movie to people who are primed to love it --- as long as he does the books justice. To hear him talk, he's basically one of Veronica's biggest fans too.

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