Friday Face-Off Sibling Rivalry Edition: Ashlee Simpson Vs. Jessica Simpson

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These two sisters may have different looks, but they've both had equal success. America's sweetheart Jessica Simpson has had her share of airhead moments (recall her 'Chicken Of The Sea' comment) and Ashlee Simpson has gotten flack for facial work, but they survived scrutiny and have powered on. Check out their videos for "Boyfriend" and "Irresistible" and vote to decide which sibling is the superior Simpson.

Team Lil' Sis

Ashlee Simpson "Boyfriend" - Is this not the catchiest song ever?! Admit it gals, you've belted this song at least once in your bedroom. Maybe you even used your hairbrush as a mic. Maybe you lined up all your stuffed animals to play your audience. Or maybe that was just me. Regardless, Ashlee makes this video grunge glam-tastic. With her white pumps and argyle sweater vest, she looks like she's about to kick some butt and take names. Rock on little sis.

Team Big Sis

 Jessica Simpson "Irresistible" - Leather crop top and a futuristic elevator? The start of a perfect video, I always say.  Oh Jessica, we miss the days when you were pop princess. This song is irresistible, even it looks like it was filmed on The Matrix set. Her spontaneous dancing all while surrounded by hologram images of herself is utterly entertaining. And then there's an inexplicable explosion. Who needs common sense when you have creativity?